Create a Marriage Legacy

Why have a good marriage when you can have a GREAT marriage?


Marriage Coaching is one of the best investments a couple can make, mainly because it takes a proactive approach instead of seeking counseling when the relationship is in a difficult place. Here are a couple of differences between counseling and coaching:


Counseling helps couples resolve pain or conflict from their marriage so they can move forward. Counselors will ask questions like: Why? Why did things happen the way they happened? What were the causes?

Coaching helps couples become experts on their own marriage to achieve future goals. Coaches ask questions like: What do you really want in your marriage? Where do you want your marriage to go? What does your desired marriage look like? How will you get there?

One of my greatest desires is to see healthy marriages, which is why I believe in a relational (not clinical) approach to marriage coaching. As your coach, I will assist you and your spouse to become experts on your own marriage. I draw on years of communication & listening skills, personal experience, universal wisdom, and passion to see your marriage become a Magnum Opus Marriage

Even though I utilize many resources, my primary tool for marital coaching is the Prepare/Enrich® Assessment. More than 4,000,000 couples have prepared for marriage or enriched their relationship through taking the P/E assessment. Prepare/Enrich® has been the #1 Premarital & Marriage Assessment for over 35 years by: 


    • Research has shown the act of taking the P/E assessment improves relationship quality and brings increased awareness across multiple aspects of the relationship.


    • P/E covers various areas within the relationship including communication, conflict resolution, finances, and spiritual beliefs. The assessment also explores your personality, family of origin, and relationship dynamics.


    • Research has shown that taking the P/E assessment prior to marriage reduces your risk for divorce by 30%.


    • P/E helps couples celebrate their strengths and use them to gain momentum in the growth areas of their relationship. The assessment primes you to have meaningful conversations as you continue to grow as a couple.


    • Skill-building exercises such as Assertive Communication and Active Listening will help you support growth in all areas of your relationship.

    • Resolve Conflicts using the 10 Step Model

    • Understand Personality Differences & Maximize Teamwork