"The Best Day of My Life"


Norman & Giva


March 30, 1991

Norman is the Founder/Owner of Magnum Opus Marriages. As a former minister, Norman brings over 25 years of experience officiating weddings and marriage coaching. 

As an seasoned public speaker and a master storyteller, Norman skillfully gathers information from you & your fiance, as well as your family and friends to craft your love story into a memorable ceremony that will leave you and your audience raving about your wedding for years.

Norman has been happily married for over 28 years to his beautiful wife, Giva. He has two adult children & a dog named Max. Norman is a hopeful romantic, wedding officiant & marriage coach, nature lover, golfer, cyclist, and Jesus follower. He appreciates most music genres, comedy, theatre, movies and inspiring stories. But what Norman cherishes most is his marriage to Giva. Norman & Giva are living proof that dreams can come true and that's why his personal motto is,

"Nothing's better in life than a great marriage, it's PRICELESS!"

"Magnum Opus" is defined as, "The most important work in a person’s career or a person's Greatest Achievement."  In the same vein, "Magnum Opus Marriage"  is defined as "A married couple's Greatest Achievement."  Norman's dream for all married couples is for their love to grow every day so their legacy will be known as being a Magnum Opus Marriage.