Benefits of Coaching

There are four main benefits you will get from my coaching:

  • TOOLS - Assessments to generate awareness and clarify how to move forward. Prior to your first strategy session you will receive a questionnaire that helps both of us unpack what's going on in your relationship. 

  • SUPPORT - Probing questions will help to develop a specific strategy. Each session will end with Action Steps to be taken before the next session. You'll also receive email and phone support as needed.

  • INSIGHT - Access to over 25 years of experience including premarital counseling, officiating weddings, and marriage coaching. Insights include: expectations at different Stages of Marriage, Dating Ideas, and 28 years of Personal Experience.

  • RESOURCES - Books, Book Summaries, Podcasts, Videos, and other opportunities will guide you towards your specific goals.

Coaching starts with a Complimentary 30-minute Introductory Session. This gives us the opportunity to meet, briefly get acquainted, and determine if we should partner as a coach and client. Packages range from 3-12 Sessions and can be done Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly. Sessions can also be personalized based on schedules. Payment is expected at the beginning of the first session. I understand that life happens to all of us and I am flexible to a certain degree, but missed sessions without a reasonable notification will not be refunded or rescheduled.

Kind Words

“At a time when my marriage had reached its lowest point, I turned to my friend and colleague, Norm Conner, for help ... advice, counseling, encouragement ... whatever he might be able to provide in the hope that he might help me to save my marriage.  In face-to-face meetings and over the phone and by text, Norm was able to do all of these things and so much more.  Norm not only helped me to see and correct my faults, attitudes, and behaviors that were contributing to the destruction of my marriage, but more importantly he also provided me with potential ways to win back my wife’s heart.

Importantly, Norm is a great listener.  He takes the necessary time to get to know personally the men he counsels, and he works hard to fully understand all of the dynamics present in their marriages.  Norm is also not afraid to ask the hard and difficult questions to fully unveil all of the issues undermining the health of the relationships. He doesn’t offer pre-scripted marriage formulas or the standard “seven-step” plans for healthy marriages to his clients.  Instead, he tailors his advice to address the specific issues that are present, and he offers original and creative, yet challenging, recommendations to his clients to move forward in healing their relationships with their wives.

As I can personally testify, these recommendations will likely expose personal shortcomings and any existing character defects, and his counsel may require a reordering of your life priorities and certainly demand modifications in your character.  But rest assured, these recommendations will pinpoint the root causes behind the problems of your marriage, yet at the same time offer you the way forward for restoring health to your relationship with your wife and winning back her heart.

I strongly encourage any man who desires a better relationship with their wife to contact Norm Conner.

~ John ~