"Mawage . . .  that dweam wifin a dweam . . ."

You have dreamed about meeting your special person all of your life. That dream has finally come true and now you want to celebrate with your family & friends. Your "dream within a dream" begins with your wedding ceremony.  

There is so much to think about when planning a ceremony and maybe you're not sure where to start or even what your options are. What do you do?



You know exactly what you want your ceremony to be like but when you approach the minister, he/she doesn't perform your kind of ceremony. What do you do?




You want your wedding ceremony to be personal and intimate and unique to you and your fiance, but all you are familiar with are the old rituals you’ve seen at other weddings. What do you do?

It's YOUR wedding day and you want to celebrate it YOUR unique way.


I'm here for YOU!   I'll turn your DREAM into a REALITY!

Hewitt Wedding 2_edited.jpg


  • a Sense of Calmness knowing that your ceremony was designed the way you dreamed it would be

  • a Personal & Memorable ceremony that invites your guests to celebrate your love story 

  • a ceremony experience with the right amount of Fun & Seriousness & Laughter

  • a ceremony that will leave you and your audience Raving about your wedding for years

  • a wedding Officiant that's as Excited about you getting married as you are

I understand this may very well be the "Best Day of Your Life"  and it's vital to have a professional Officiant that can walk you through it. 


I have a system in place for getting details to run a smooth & efficient wedding rehearsal. I also ask the right questions to capture the history & beauty of your unique love story. I then create a narrative of how you met, fell in love, got engaged, and what your partner means to you. All of these details help me to express the heart & soul of your love to your family and friends and turn your dream wedding into a reality.

For the past 25 years, I’ve worked with other happy couples to turn their wedding day dreams into marital reality. It would be an honor and privilege to do the same for you!


I love marriage! As a matter of fact, my personal motto is, "Nothing's better in life than a great marriage, it's PRICELESS!"

I love to meet new couples and listen to how love broke through in their lives. I love weddings because it renews my own soul to see that love still wins no matter how tough life can get. I love to share love stories not only at weddings but also with my own family & friends afterwards. I am passionate about designing a ceremony that will be treasured for years to come.


So look no further. Click the button below to contact me and check availability.  


Let's Do This & Turn Your Dreams into Reality!